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We are the world's only supplier of double-sided electrostatic materials without glue, used as advertising leaflets in pharmacies, shops, shopping centres, clinics, etc. Our product uses up to 98% less raw materials during production compared to other electrostatic flyers commonly used to date.

Our second product is electrostatic notebooks with the possibility of printing a logo or any graphics on each page. Our electrostatic notebooks are an innovative solution that combines the functionality of traditional notebooks with modern electrostatic properties.

The best features

Our product


Both sides printable means twice more efficiency

High durability

Application period up to 24 months on average or longer


100% recyclable, 98% less paper waste, PVC free

No glue

No residue,
no surface cleaning

Safe application

No risk of
damaging surfaces

Easy application

Easy to place,
move and remove

Extra space

Extra space for needed additional information about advertised product


Perfect material for pharmaceuticals and many others advertising

Innovation is profitable


Discover the key benefits that make our product unique.

Twice more printing surface

Easy to adjust to legal regulations - the possibility of putting all information required by law on one sticker

New solution for old challenge

Innovation in CSR policy

Just be ecological


Let’s imagine the order for 100 000, A4 stickers. In comparison to old version of the label (one side printed with paper backer) our clients make a big difference and huge benefits for environment!

Lab98 saves money, resources and carbon emissions! Thanks to improved electrostatic two sided labels, the company makes a positive impact on the natural environment.


less paper


litres of water saved


kg CO2 reduction in carbon footprint

up to 82%

reducing the package weight

These points combined with an overall lower environmental footprint and reduced transportation impact, makes LAB98 very resource-effective product.

LAB98 supports corporate social responsibility and we’re proud to offer our brand new solution.

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